How Meteor keeps you and your crypto safe

You will never have to worry about the safety of your funds.

We never have access to your private keys or funds

Meteor is a self-custodial wallet. Your private keys are encrypted on your device and and are never shared by anyone. They never leave the browser on your device.

You can rotate and change your private keys whenever you wish.

Your privacy is respected

Meteor Wallet does not track any personally identifiable information, account addresses or any balances.

Ledger Support and Audit

  • Our code will be audited by a leading software auditing firm.

  • We will be provide Ledger support in Q2 2023.

How we protect our wallet infrastructure and codebase

To get slightly technical for a moment.

  • Our server logs are sanitized and cleansed periodically.

  • We operate MFA (multi-factor authentication) setup in all infrastructures and pipelines.

Community Trust & Experienced Team

  • We have been building in the NEAR community for over a year.

  • Our wallet launched six months ago and we were recently awarded to be the official maintainer of the MyNearWallet.

  • Our team has deep experience in building wallets.

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