How To Save With Our In-Wallet Swap Aggregator

Swapping on NEAR has never been so easy.
With our swap aggregator, you can quickly compare & save with the lowest fees & slippage available.
All without leaving your Meteor wallet.
Try it now at or read on for our quick-start guide.
It takes seconds to compare, save and swap.
Let's run you through it.
To visit the swap aggregator, click the 'Swap' button from your wallet home page or visit in the web wallet.
Simply choose your source and target tokens and you'll be presented with the best swap option.
You can click 'Show all available routes' to scan the list and choose your favoured route. You'll see the biggest and most trusted providers including Ref Finance, Jumbo, Spin, Tonic and many more.
Once you've chosen your preferred route, click 'Confirm Swap'
You'll see a separate screen for each step of the contract process. In this case, two steps.
And in terms of tokens, we've got you covered with over 50 to choose from.
You'll see a swap successful screen and you're all done. Simple!
Meteor is the first & only wallet on NEAR with a swap aggregator.