How To Swap For $NEKO With Meteor

Find out how to swap for NEAR's favourite meme coin.

NEKO is the first community token on NEAR with a focus on creator empowerment.

NEKO is on a mission to bring mass adoption to NEAR protocol.

At Meteor we support their mission and want to make it as simple as possible for NEARians to get $NEKO.

Let's get started.

Head over to the swap section of the wallet.

Select UDSC and NEKO and how much you want to swap to NEKO for.

You'll see how much $NEKO you will receive including any price impact.

Please note, you'll only see Ref.Finance as that's the only current swap provider for $NEKO.

If you're happy click Review Swap and Confirm Swap on the next screen.

And you're done! MIAO! MIAO!

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