How To Create Your Free Named Wallet In 60 Seconds

Named wallets are easy to remember & great for onboarding non-crypto natives to NEAR. Meteor is the only wallet that currently allows you to create free named wallets.

  1. Visit and click “Get Started”.

2. As you’re creating a new wallet, click “Create new wallet”. Already have a wallet? See our guide on importing an existing wallet.

3. You now need to create a password to unlock your wallet. We’ll automatically check the strength of your suggested password and they match, before you can click the ‘Continue’ button. You’ll also need to tick the ‘I agree to the Terms of Service’.

4. You can now enter your desired custom NEAR wallet address.

Please follow the guidance for naming your custom wallet.

If you prefer to use a Traditional Crypto Wallet you also have this option. Simply select 'Use Implicit Account'.

To learn more about the difference between a ‘Traditional Crypto Wallet’ and ‘Named Wallet’, see this guide.

If your wallet name is available, it will show in green as below.

Click Continue.

5. Finally, and this is extremely important - you are now presented with your secret recovery phrase.

Click the eye icon to reveal your secret phrase.

IMPORTANT: You must write the 12-word phrase down somewhere safe and store in a secure place. Do not share this with anyone.

It’s also critical that you write this phrase down in the correct order. The number associated with each word is critical.

You also have the option to click ‘Generate New’ to create a new recovery phase.

You can also click ‘Copy’ if you wish to paste your keyphrase and print it for example. Please be very careful if you do leave an electronic copy of your passphrase on a device. We highly recommend creating a hard copy version.

Once you have stored your secret recovery phrase, tick ‘I saved my Secret Recovery Phrase’ and click ‘Continue’.

IMPORTANT: Meteor Wallet is what’s called a non-custodial wallet. This means your password and secret recovery phrase are your sole responsibility.

This means no 3rd party has access to your wallet (or its contents), unless they gain access to your recovery phrase. It also means if you lose your recovery phrase, you lose access to your wallet and your funds, forever.

6. In order to confirm you have written down your seed phrase correctly, you’ll be prompted to select two words. This highlights why it’s critical to store your phrase in the correct order.

Once you’ve done this, click ‘Confirm’.

7. Congratulations! You’re set up and a proud owner of a NEAR Meteor wallet. You can now use Meteor for all your wallet needs. To join our community and ask any questions you have the option to join us on Twitter or join our Discord.

Click ‘Finish’

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