Understanding Your Transaction History

Easily understand your wallet activity

Transactions are at the heart of your Web3 activities and it's our goal to provide detailed information in a very easy to understand way.

In our swap example in 'How To Save With Our In-Wallet Swap Aggregator' we swapped USDC for NEAR and there were two transactions/steps in this swap.

You can view your transaction history by selecting the icon second from the right on your menu.

Using this example you'll see these transactions, from USD to wNEAR and from wNEAR to NEAR.

For further information, you can click each transaction.

Let's look at the transaction in detail for wNEAR to NEAR.

Along with details such as the transaction hash, signer, receiver, gas, you'll also have a link to view the transaction on Near Blocks.

Every Transaction Tracked

The example is for a swap but you'll have this level of detail available for all of your transactions on NEAR, be it DeFi or NFT activity.

You will also see a level of detail for any interaction with DApps.

Having detailed yet simple to understand information prior to signing transactions is paramount to your security and user experience.

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