Meteor Explore - Your Home For All Things NEAR

Explore will keep you up-to-date with the latest on Meteor and the wider NEAR ecosystem.

Our goal is to be the leading wallet on NEAR.

As part of this mission we strive to be a thought leader in the space. A positive voice that educates the NEAR community. Helpful to those new to NEAR, along with experienced users.

As the main interface to the NEAR protocol, we’re in a unique position to achieve this.

This is very much in its embryonic stages and we plan to build on this during 2023 to be a leading source of information.

Welcome to Meteor Explore -

Right now we have featured projects, a DeFi section (with these dApps available to use with Meteor), NFTs and interesting projects and launches from the NEAR ecosystem.

We’re looking to add a social element to crowdsource content from the Tinker and wider community.

We've also launched Meteor Challenges with Explore.

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