How To Have Complete Control With Meteor Wallet

You’ll find a ton of user settings to give you complete control over your NEAR experience with Meteor Wallet.

To access you wallet settings click the gear icon on the far right of the wallet menu.

Let’s run through each setting.

Connected Apps

This allows you to monitor and deauthorize connected apps with ease.

Browse our guide How To Manage App Access To Your Wallet.

Security and Recovery

We make it super simple and secure to view your secret/seed phrase, export your private key and manage your full access keys.

Check our guide to easy recovery for seed phrases and private keys.

Change Password

Your password is used to unlock your wallet.

Changing this regularly is advised and you can do this here.

Remove Account

Looking to remove an account? You can do this from this setting. Just be sure you have your secret phrase or key so you can import it again if needed. The remove account is irreversible.

Meteor Community

We've love for you to join our growing community.

Change Your Language

You can click the language icon and choose English, French, Bahasa Indonesian, Mandarin or Vietnamese.

Switch To Dark Mode or Light Mode

Click the light bulb to switch on Light Mode. Toggle it back to dark mode by clicking the moon icon.

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