How To Buy $GEAR - The Native Token Of Meteor

Find out what the utility of $GEAR is, future plans and how to get yourself some!

What is $GEAR?

$GEAR is the currency of the Tinkers.

What supports the value of $GEAR?

50% of the Tinker secondary sales will be used to support the value of $GEAR.

A percentage of the revenue generated from Meteor Wallet will be used towards buying/burning $GEAR

Use-cases for $GEAR such as raffles increase the demand/value of it. And more coming!

How To Get $GEAR

There are three ways you can get $GEAR: buying, swapping in Meteor or earning from staking your NTU NFTs.

1️. Buy/Sell $GEAR at

️2. Swap in-wallet at

See detailed instructions below.

3. Stake your Tinker and earn $GEAR at

The amount of $GEAR you will earn depends on the rarity of your Tinker NFT.

For $GEAR emission rate, you can refer to this link.


Understand that the rank of your Tinker will effect how much $GEAR token it will earn from staking.

The difference between Rank 1 & Rank 3333 will be 5x.

For exact emission references, go to this google sheet

How To Swap for $GEAR in Meteor

Head over to the swap section of the wallet.

Select the token and how much you want to swap to $GEAR for.

You'll see how much $GEAR you will receive, along with price impact.

At Meteor we do not charge any swap fees.

Please note there will be only be one available swap route, $GEAR is only available at Ref Finance currently.

Proceed to Review Swap if all looks good.

You'll be presented with a screen that summarises the swap.

You can confirm swap and you'll see a swap successful screen. Congratulations! You're now the proud owner of $GEAR.

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